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The Technion Student Guide

Welcome to the Student’s Association 2021/22

We’re pleased to welcome you to the Technion Student’s Association. It’s important to us to be with you the whole way while you complete this degree, and we’re putting in a lot of effort to support you in every aspect relating to your student life. The main services provided by the students association can be found in this guide. You’re welcome to click on “read more” and open the checklist for students who are beginning their studies.


We wish you good luck for the upcoming semester, and we are here for you!

academic service

Academic Services

ASAT operates a wide range of academic support for students. Whether it’s assistance and answers from the academic coordinators, big brother tutors, the book store where you can find study materials for a wide range of courses, PAKAL courses at cost price and tutoring. In addition, the student association offers assistance in disciplinary hearings, academic probation and special accommodations such as reservist duty, parents and more.


Cultural Events

As usual, and even during corona, ASAT is working to bring you the most interesting, relevant and enjoyable lectures, workshops and events, at cost price for ASAT members.

In addition, ASAT operates dance classes, two music rooms, and three club houses for the students to use!

Every year ASAT presents the largest student festival in the country with three party areas and concerts at the heart of the campus!

Two days of parties, concerts, and pool parties, all of this at discounted prices for student union members.


Welfare Services

The student association operates service systems for the students - the printing system, laundry service, and vending machines on campus. Similarly, students can receive free lawyer appointments, representation with the dorms office, and help with the various authorities. In the student union which is found in the heart of the campus there are restaurants and shops with prices that suit every pocket which the students association has taken care of for your convenience. In the link you can find a map of the campus which shows where all these services are situated throughout the campus.


Social Activities

ASAT is progressing social and environmental affairs. Volunteering through ASAT gives students a chance to contribute to one of the many organizations who are just waiting for volunteers. Together with the Technion Sustainability Center, ASAT is working to advance environmental activities and create a more green campus. The students association also runs the Melech Project- Computers for All which takes old computers and donates them to those who need.


Technical Support

The Technical department ensures that you get programs to use freely, and user manuals for students such as the guide on how to use ZOOM and connecting to the Technion network.


Health and Fitness

The Student Association runs two community centers where you can find activities for adults and kids. In addition, the students association is responsible for the enjoyable range of sports courses which you can take throughout your degree.

During your studies in Technion, you can participate in one of the many sports teams and represent Technion in national competitions against other institutions.

Every year there is a race inside the Technion where students and staff members can participate as part of the Technion Challenge.

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