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Health and Fitness


ASA - The Sports Unit

ASA operates 70% of the sports courses and all the sports teams at the Technion. Information about the various facilities, activities and competitions on campus, sports courses and teams (including syllabi), nutrition advice, running groups, cycling groups and more - can be found on the website.



Kfar Mishtalmim Community Center

The student association runs activities for adults and children in the community center which is in the the Kfar Mishtalmim dorms at discounted prices for ASAT members.

Some of these activities are - womens pilates, yoga, belly dancing, kickboxing and more.

Activities for children - movement for babies, english, karate, dancing and more.

The center can be hired for private events.

For activities and the price list

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Canada Community Center

The Technion Student Association, in cooperation with the Ministry of  Culture and Society in the Dean's Office, operates activities at the Canada Community Center (Makak), located in the Canada dorms. 
You can find variety of lessons for a fair price for example - TRX, Fitness, Yoga, Interval fitness etc.
At the Makak you can also find innovative computer room equipped with a printer and a scanner.

For activities and the price list


Every year there is a competition between the different faculties in different sporting events - indoor soccer, chess, navigation, volleyball, and a race across the campus during a Wednesday afternoon in the spring semester. Entrance is free to all students and both individual and group prizes can be won!



Technion Pool

The Technion pool offers an indoor Olympic pool, a semi-Olympic outdoor pool, a toddler pool and an outdoor family pool. TSA members (during their bachelor's degree) who have paid the annual social services fee are entitled to free admission throughout the year.

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The Sports Club

The sports club at the Technion includes a well-equipped gym, tennis courts and squash courts. The club operates seven days a week for most of the day and offers professional sports training and nutritional counseling. Students who are TSA members and their spouses are entitled to significant discounts for annual subscriptions. 

All the details can be found at the Technion Sports Club website

Technion Challenge & Technion Race

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