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Cultural Activities

The Cultural Affairs Office is responsible for all the activities that take place on the campus: parties, Wednesday afternoons, stand-up comedy performances, clubhouses throughout the campus, cinema, dancing (salsa and bachata), music rooms and also take part in the organization of sports events on and off campus.

During the Covid-19 pandemic there are interesting online lectures, online game-nights etc.



Every Sunday and Wednsday there are salsa and folk dancing at the Student Union Building


Parties and Cultural Events

The Culture Department is responsible for huge parties at the Student Union deck, free music performances on Wednesday Noon parties, stand-up shows and cultural events. 
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Clubs and Music Rooms

The Technion Student Association and the Dean's Office run a number of clubs throughout campus for the benefit of the students.
The clubs are open for free use by students and for special events. List of clubs

There are two music rooms that can be reserved using BookMe. 

Lecture Club - IQ

The Technion's lecture club hosts quality lectures of the most important and intriguing figures in Israel on various topics on the national public agenda. The lecture topics revolve around economics, current events and society, alongside lectures on science and technology.

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Student Festival

Every year ASAT organizes the the greatest student festival in Israel!
Two days full of parties, music concerts and pool parties!

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