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Social Affairs Office


MELECH Project (Laptops for everyone)

The Melech Project (Computers for Everyone) is a project aimed at  collecting and repairing computers and peripheral equipment, and giving them to people in need.
The project has been running for a few years and by now has contributed dozens of computers to students, as well as to youth at risk, to needy families and to community centers that work with the weaker sectors of the population.

For donating your old computer

Further information


Environmental Sustainability

ASAT in cooperation with the Technion Sustainability Center, emphasizes green activities on campus and turning our learning and living space into a “greener” one.
We invite you to take part in our various events and activities throughout the year which are all focused on sustainability.
We invite you to join our Sustainability Community on 


The volunteering program connect students who want to contribute to their community with organizations who are seeking volunteers. Students who volunteer in one of these organizations that are recognized by ASAT will be awarded 2 academic credits through the framework of “Volunteering = Credit”. During the month of November there will be an
exhibition of the different organizations in which they will tell
you about their activities and  volunteering opportunities, and how students can get involved.

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