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Academic Committee

The ASAT Academic Committee serves to advance and protect the academic rights of students in Technion, as well as the Mechina
Preparatory Program students and students of the National School of Practical Engineering.

Areas of responsibility of the committee


Academic Probation

Assisting students who are on academic probation to deal
with the various Technion authorities, with the aim of helping
them to succeed and returning to the regular learning track.


Disciplinary Hearings

Assisting students within the framework of disciplinary hearings in
Technion, by providing assistance and guidance, in order to help
students through the process in the fairest way.


Reserve duty and coordination

Asisting Technion students who serve as army reservists,
and assisting students who require special conditions
(for example pregnant women, mourners etc).

 Email or website


Mechina (Pre-academic preparatory program)

Responsible for all the academic affairs in the Mechina program,
student representation and serves as the communication
channel between the students, the Mechina management and
the Student Association

Faculty Academic Coordinators

In every faculty there is an Academic Coordinator who is responsible for all academic matters. Student representation in matters involving the faculty staff members, ensuring the teaching staff adhere to the regulations, assistance
and advancement of students in the academic field and taking care of general academic problems. Contact details of the Academic Coordinators.

For all questions relating to academics, you may consult the Academic Forum on Facebook, or the Chairmen of the  academic Committee by email:

Academic Support Office


Study Centers

For all Technion students there are study centers in the student union building on floor 4 as well as the central library. Similarly, there are study centers in each faculty for students to use. These can be ordered through the BOOKME system.


Please note - soon a new study center will be opened on floor 4 of the student union!

Study Centers


Course books

For your convenience we have compiled a variety of textbooks which
contain lecture and TA summaries for different courses, textbooks
written by Technion professors and books containing fully solved past
The Bookstore is on floor 0 of the Student Union Building and is open
from 8:30-15:30

 Internet store



Come get extra lessons in all the foundational courses for free!
Experienced tutors are waiting to help you with assignments, guidance
in solving problems correctly, and to help with questions that you are
stuck on.
The tutoring is given in Mathematics (Algebra, Infi, Calculus), Physics, C
language, and Introductory Chemistry courses.
Visit the Facebook pages to keep updated with the times and location!


PAKAL courses (Group Learning Project)

Revision lessons given by top students and TA’s from the different
faculties with the aim of strengthening the student’s knowledge of the
course. The lessons include revision of the theoretical course material as
well as solving revision exercises.
The PAKAL courses are given throughout the semester as a weekly
lesson, and there are learning marathons before exams with the aim
of practicing the material for the exam, the place the correct emphasis
on certain subjects, to provide the tools to solve questions and useful
“tricks”. All the lessons are given in small groups, and the price for each
hour is subsidized by ASAT and comes out to 19 shekels per hour for
A list of all the PAKAL courses appears on our Facebook page and website.

For more information, contact the Academic Support Office manager by email

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